in my wanderlust , I find peace

About Me

Dr. Kumar B.G

Welcome to my world
I’m a doctor / travel photographer / guitarist on a quest to conquer the world , one flight at a time . Having travelled many countries such as USA , Egypt , Kenya , Bali and many more , the wanderlust only grows stronger with each travel.
I have a unique passion for drone photography as well along with astrophotography. Follow me on Instagram www.Instagram.com/thealphavoyager to know more



Photo Gallery

How It all started

It all started one fateful day when my father handed me his SLR and while strolling through the garden,i found a two headed butterfly resting on a flower. I did my best to capture it but the process that ensued later when I recreated the moment in my head led to the intense desire to capture the most beautiful moments around me. Achieving  the right focus and exposure, the sound of the shutter and later developing the film was so addictive that I grew into the process without a second thought. Once i grew older, my passion for photography became more pronounced when I traveled and saw places I never dreamt existed. I haven’t looked back since and am still learning and evolving.